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September is a Dental Special Month. Schedule a cleaning or any other dentistry need for a 20% discount.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY…We are having a going away party and your pets’ unsightly lumps, bumps, and masses are the guests of honor. Make an appointment and we will relocate those pesky little freeloaders to a place where they will never bother your sweet fur baby again. Call now and Dr. P. will give your pet a free lump, bump, or mass evaluation and then remove them for a 20% discount during the month of October. 

Call and schedule your appointment today! (918) 806-1111

Referring New Client Special:

(No Limits)
$25.00 will be credited to the account of the referring client at the time of first kept medical appointment of new client.

Ongoing Specials:

50% off first medical exam
15% off first boarding service

$30.00 microchipping includes lifetime registration and lost pet insurance.

20% off a boarding stay of seven or more nights.
Free medical exam ($64.00 value) with each boarding stay.
20% off any dentistry that is scheduled within a month of a medical evaluation.

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